Pelham Manor

by chazaray

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released June 6, 2015




chazaray New York, New York

A fixture of Greece's underground club scene from age 14, Czech-born recording artist Chazaray spent his adolescence dodging the police in the labyrinths of his hometown's Old Town Bazaar. "In Athens, it was all heavy air," says Chazaray. "It kept us pinned to the ground." But "in Berlin, London, New York, everybody is a star. I just want to take my place in the constellations." ... more

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Track Name: Breakdown
Track Name: Strip Poker & The Big Yellow Fan
Aces blown away
Track Name: Lights Out
Lights out
I'm falling
I crash down
I'm broken
(Turn on the light)
Track Name: Sweet Dreams
You made your own bed
Have a good sleep
Sweet dreams

You knocked yourself out
With one good swing
Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams, my love
Sweet dreams
Track Name: Wendell Wise
Wendell Wise
Frisky hermit walking backwards
Beep, beep, beep
He looks so sad
Behind those eyes
He dreams about a weekend by the ocean
But he finds himself half sleeping in the dark

Wendell Wise
He wants the girls to love him badly
Please, please, please
He soon decides
To buy some time
He sneaks around and looks for more affection
But he only sees that everything is gone
Track Name: Congress
Oh, why don't you play us again
Oh, why don't you play us again
Oh, why don't you sad dickheads

Oh, why don't you play us again
Your lies won't save us
Take this away
Don't know why you're insane
Don't know why

And now there's fighting on the left
And fighting on the right
Track Name: Disco Sucks
Hey, man!
Don't ya know?
Disco sucks.
Track Name: Any Day
Wasted on a spaceship
Cold beer is all they serve here
And alien ladies do whatever you want

Picked up on the road side
Handcuffed for another ride
But the man don't know they're coming back

Any day now
And I'll be free

I stayed up all night
And the inmates, I told them to hold tight
Because my spaceship was coming along
To take them away
Now listen to the jailbirds sing

Any day now
And we'll be free

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